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This piston tool by Leonardo Officina Italiana can be used to disassemble the Leonardo Momento Magico pens, allowing you to clean the pen thorougly and easily.
Et l’histoire d’une tradition familialle continue… Leonardo Officina Italiana est une forge, un laboratoire où l’expérience et le savoir-faire se mélange pour donner vie à un plaisir, celui d’écrire. Plus de 45 ans d’expérience dans le domaine des outils d’écriture, passé de père en fils, de génération en génération. Aujourd’hui, Leonardo Officina Italiana travaille sur des projets émotifs et vintage, reprennant les anciens mécanismes de remplissage, les matériaux et techniques de travaille qui fut un temps caractérisaient le travail de l’artisan. Les stylos Leonardo ont une âme, de la chaleur humaine qui ne peut être obtenu que par la passion. Les gravures sur le stylo plume sont leur marque de distinction sur le marché international. Chaque collection Leonardo est fabriqué à main en Italie.”

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8 avis pour Leonardo Momento Magico Piston Tool

  1. Anglais

    Felix Rex (client confirmé)

    This tool entered relatively easy into the nudges in the piston mechanism and is easy to use if you follow the YouTube video that comes with the tool on a QR code on how to use it to disassemble your Leonardo pen.

  2. Anglais


    This tool is really nice to have when cleaning the pen, especially before changing the ink colour. The tool is very easy to use. It is good quality and fits perfectly with my Leonardo Momento Magico. I just wish it cost less.

  3. Anglais

    Brendan Carroll (client confirmé)

    I bought this tool to use with my MomentoZero Grande (JoWo nib version), not knowing whether it would work. I had read that the piston mechanism was glued into the body of earlier Bock MZG models. To my pleasant surprise, the tool works perfectly. Now it’s an essential part of my workflow when cleaning the pen or changing inks. Using this tool may have even improved the ink flow, because I can flush the nib unit in both directions. I wish it was cheaper, that’s my only reservation. It’s better made than DIY solutions to unscrew the piston I’ve seen.

  4. Anglais

    Douglas Rathbun (client confirmé)

    The wrench is solid, machined steel, and works perfectly.

    I think it should be included with the Leonardo pens and not a very high, extra cost.

  5. Anglais

    JIm Middleton

    I enjoy piston fill pens. They do require maintenance which in turn means you need to be able to remove the piston. Leonardo’s tool is well designed and makes piston removal easy and quick. It avoids the whole “how do you re-assemble the piston mechanism” problem that is common in the industry. Plus, once the knob is tightened against the tool, the tool stays in place until you wish to remove it. Great design, well built, a touch pricey. If you want to see an easy quick video on how to use it, SBRE Brown has an excellent youtube video up. Of course, the price is greatly mitigated as you buy more piston filler pens, And excellent excuse to buy.

  6. Anglais

    Kenneth Lim (client confirmé)

    As an advocate of giving my pens a good wash prior to reinking to a different ink colour or to safekeep, I am glad Leonardo Officina Italia decided to fabricate a wrench for pen enthusiasts to use to remove the piston assembly. I do hope more pen makers will also do likewise. When used with the proper instructions, dismantling and then reassembling the piston assembly is a simple procedure. Above all, it allows the pen to be thoroughly clean and dried, which will prolong the lifespan of the parts and the pen body.

  7. Anglais

    Cyrus Lok (client confirmé)

    I have decided to buy this wrench after I owned two magicos, the momento magico range is the most reasonably price and most practical Leonardo’s piston filler pen, I have digressed, but this wrench is definitely a must have for my magicos maintenance. Dr. Stephen BRE Brown has a YouTube video which demonstrates on how to use this wrench to disassemble the magico.

  8. Anglais

    Jonas (client confirmé)

    The piston Tool is very well made and easy to use. There is a video on Youtube that shows how to disassemble a Leonado Momento Magico using the piston tool. I recommend that you watch that before any disassemble takes places to avoid any damage on your pen. I would say that if you own any Leonardo pen that uses a piston filler this tool is mandatory for taking good care of your pen.

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