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The Kaweco ink cartridges comes in a box containing six international standard cartridges. The ink cartridges can fit by other fountain pens which support this filling system. The ink is availavle in 8 beautiful colors.

Kaweco belongs to one of the oldest brands on the market. For more than 125 years Kaweco pens are an integral part of the High-Class assortments. Kaweco insistently focuses on the thin line between tradition and innovation and therewith since 1883 secur

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14 avis pour Kaweco Ink – Ink Cartridges (8 colors)

  1. Anglais

    WILLIAM jr NG (client confirmé)

    Always my go to shop for ordering inks, Kaweco inks well received and very satisfied with the purchase as always

  2. Anglais

    Christopher Chamberlain

    I have always found the Kaweco ink cartridges very nice to write with. The quality is great and the midnight blue is my choice.

  3. Anglais


    Fijne patronen en prachtige klassieke kleuren. Kleur is blijft mooi en vervaagt niet

  4. Anglais

    MM (client confirmé)

    I’ve been buying Kaweco inks for some years now because I admire the product’s consistently high quality. I bought the Kaweco red for the first time and am very impressed by both the color and the ink flow.

  5. Anglais

    Andrew Thomson

    Qua standaard vulpen vullingen zijn er mijn inziens geen betere!

  6. Anglais

    Marlon Grobben

    Deze inktbuisjes hebben mooie levendige kleuren en zijn handig in gebruik. Ik kocht een assortiment en dan nog enkele aparte doosjes. Alles zat mooi verpakt in papieren zakjes met een mooi etiket in een mooie kartonnen doos met een bedankingskaart. Het was heel leuk om deze verpakking te openen!

  7. Anglais


    Nice ink for your money. I really like that the cartriges has different coloured caps to show what colour of ink they contain. Perfect when you carry around loose cartriges in your pencase.

  8. Anglais

    Martha Cano

    Inks are beautiful, and work fabulously with my Kaweco Liliput. Great customer service, and quick shipping.

  9. Anglais

    Ruud van Rijn (client confirmé)

    Mooi in de kleuren, heb zwart, rood en blauw. Schrijft lekker en droogt mooi op. Is een aanrader.

  10. Anglais

    Nuno Pinto dos Santos (client confirmé)

    I real like the way Kaweco Ink sets onto paper. It was the first time I used these cartridges and I was really satisfied, It won’t be the last, for sure. I specially like the blackish blue ones.

  11. Anglais

    Oc. (client confirmé)

    The ink is beautiful and not faded.

  12. Anglais


    I bought the purple ink because I thought it would be cool to have some colour next to just black and blue, and the colour is beautiful!

  13. Anglais


    I love a nice green shade, and the Kaweco Palm Green ink is a wonderful choice.
    Although green is the colour of money, this is actually great value for a little price.
    The cartridge fits perfectly in the pen, no leakage and the flow is ok. If you like taking your notes on paper, one cartridge lasts about a week.
    It’s quite dark green and on yellow Rhodia lined paper it looks smashing!

  14. Anglais


    Kaweco doesn’t offer a wide variety of ink colors, but you might find there’s one (or a few) for you. If you’re looking for an intense, pinkish red, try Ruby Red. If you’re looking for a light gray with shading potential, try Smokey Grey. Pearl Black is a nice, straight-forward black. I enjoy Summer Purple and Sunrise Orange too. In my experience, Kaweco inks are generally on the dry side, which you might like or not (I personally prefer wetter inks). Bear in mind that the cartridges come in international standard size, so they will fit many pens, be they Kaweco or not.

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