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The Visconti Pininfarina Nanotech Rollerball is produced by two Italian masters of technology and design – Visconti and automotive design house Pininfarina.

The Pininfarina Nanotech is a rollerball with unique stylistic and technical elements. The Pininfarina team has created a design whose salient feature is its purity combined with a successful mix of dynamism and elegant lines.

The stylistic work, set off by Visconti’s technicalexpertise, has produced an essential article, devoid of any non-functional element, and equipped with innovative technical solutions that emphasise its pure style. These include the rotating nib extraction mechanism, which made it possible to eliminate the cap, and the mechanism that is incorporated in the clip.

Other important innovations are the airtight system that opens and closes automatically, the chromium 18 Smartouch tubular fountain pen nib (available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub) and the material chosen, unidirectional nanotech avional, which gives the pen a perfect weight, with overtones of Pininfarina’s automotive activities and a touch of sporty elegance. 

About Nanotech

All designers dream of being able to work with a light metal whose specific weight is one-third that of steel while having better resistance to corrosion than even the best stainless steel and greater resistance to abrasive wear than even hardened steel, and possibly even possessing antibacterial properties.

If a material with those specifications really did exist, all mechanical engineering projects would undergo radical improvement. This, because drastically reducing the material’s weight (65% less than steel) without forgoing excellence in its mechanical properties means reducing both energy consumption and inertia-related phenomena in every single mechanically moving part on the planet.

This extraordinarily innovative material has recently been invented. It consists of aeronautical avional treated with carbon nanotubes and silver ions. And Visconti has perfected the formula in nanotechnology, perfectly tailoring it to the requirements of writing. Nanotechnology is a branch of applied science and technology concerned with controlling material on a dimensional scale of less than one micrometre (one-millionth of a metre).

Properties of Nanotech

Resistance to wear: six times tougher than alluminium, twice as tough as steel;
Resistance to corrosion: twenty times more resistant than any metal;
Low attrition-rate coefficient, self-lubricating mechanism;
Excellent heat conductor, thus excellent level of writing comfort;
Excellent antistatic capacity and absence of fingertips;
Able to absorb heat and to re-emit it with ultra-infrared waves;
Excellent antibacterial and antimould (bacteriostatic) capability, thus excellent hygiene safety level. 

Technical features of Nanotech

Pininfarina Nanotech has a fully-coated mechanism.
The pen is almost 40% lighter for an improved writing experience.
The body of the pen is no longer of the screw type; filling and changing the refill is now far quicker and simpler thanks to the magnetic closure on the pen’s barrel.
It is also far easier to clean because the nib can be extracted even during filling operations.
Closure after replacing the nib can be perceived with the naked eye.
All metal accessories are in titanium. 

The giftbox is also made of nanotech avional, echoing the Pininfarina’s sleek, slim design. It contains a mechanism, activated by the buttons on the side, that lifts the pen up and presents it to the user.

The Pininfarina will be restricted to 930 fountain pens and 930 rollerball pens to commemorate Pininfarina’s founding in 1930.

Click here for the refills of this Visconti pen.

The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification.

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