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Parker re-launch the Parker 51 maintaining the hallmarks of the original that gave the 51 its identity while leveraging technical advancements and our expertise and craftsmanship to ensure its fit for use in the modern world. The name Parker 51 was no coinsidence, Parker had named all their models untill then, but had come to the conclusion that if a model was given a name, this name detracted from the name of the brand. A number would therefore suffice better for a new pen, also because a number has the same meaning in all languages. A trial run of the newly developed pen was put out in 1939, which was the 51st year of the Parker Pen Company’s existence. The pen was therefore given the type number “51” – according to the official account of the factory.

The new Parker 51 is identical in silhouette to the original. Different is the shape of the nib, the length of the clip and closing system. The nib is not tube shaped but has a traditional pen blade, of course this nib is completely hidden in the front part of the pen. This construction ensures that the pen always starts easily and does not dry quickly. Furthermore, also the length of the clip is slightly longer than the original and the new Parker 51 has a screw cap

The Parker 51 fountain pen fills via cartridge or converter and is available with a Fine or Medium stainless steel nib.

Parker ha sido durante más de un siglo líder en el diseño y la fabricación de los mejores bolígrafos del mundo. Estos bolígrafos no solo son sofisticados artículos de escritura, si no que nunca te dejarán tirado. Además, otorgan estatus a cada generación. Como resultado, los bolígrafos Parker se han convertido en todo un icono de estilo.


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8 valoraciones en Parker 51 Midnight Blue CT Fountain pen

  1. Inglés


    This pen feels and writes pretty solid and the looks are also classy – genuine Parker quality. It has a great size as well for everyday use, so I’m very happy with the purchase.
    Pleased by Appelbooms customer service as usual. I really do like the nice packaging. Thanks!

  2. Inglés

    Anna Ranger

    This was my first order from Appelboom and I was very impressed with their professionalism and customer service. Joost could not have been more kind. This pen was part of a larger order and the Parker box was beautifully gift wrapped and placed inside the larger box that contained the rest of my order.
    The pen comes without a converter and no ink cartridge. I ordered the fine nib with the basic model and was pleased with how it writes since I’m quite familiar with the performance of Parker nibs. The pen will go into rotation with the other fountain pens I use for work.

  3. Inglés

    Glenn Garside

    It’s awaiting its turn in the rotation, but I hope it’s as good as its teal sibling, which I described as follows…
    These pens get lots of negative comments on pen forums, but I’m very happy with mine. OK, no converter is cheap-skate, penny-pinching and miserly… you get one in the deluxe pen, though…. and adapting to a screw cap takes a little while. It writes well, no scratch, but does dry if not used for a few days…. easy to fix, of course. I thought the metal tassie would be ugly… it isn’t.

  4. Inglés


    Nueva Parker 51, mod. 2021, plumin F, acero inoxidable. La pluma en la mano se asienta muy bien y es agradable al tacto. El peso de la pluma es correcto. El plumín de acero, F, escribe bien pero en papeles satinados el flujo de tinta se corta. La tinta que utilicé fue la Parker Quink azul. Cambie la tinta por la azul-cobalto de Graf von Faber Castell y mejoró mucho el flujo. El flujo de tinta de la Parker 51, mod. 2021, varia en funcion de la tinta utilizada y del papel que se utiliza.
    El envio correcto, bien empaquetada la pluma y con dos regalos: una pequeña libreta y unas galletas. Gracias por la atención de Appelboom. 😉

  5. Inglés

    hbjun (propietario verificado)

    I love the design of parker 51. The feel of the pen also seems to fit my hand. The overall ink flow seems to come out smoothly. I waited a lot for the product to be released, but it seems to be worth the wait for buying. great!! good quality!

  6. Inglés

    Chris Galea

    I received the iconic pen from Appelboom and I must say that the service provided is professional and quick. It is better to buy online as Appelboom is extremely helpful and knows how to treat his clients. Best wishes and thank you.

  7. Inglés


    If you haven’t purchased anything from Appelboom, then it’s time you should! Their customer service is amazing, they actually respond to emails, with a 6 hour time zone difference, really fast. They are first class, thank you Appelboom! Delivery of my Parker 51 was as promised and fast. Nice pen and Appelboom even gave me some ink cartridges at no charge! Great people, honestly. Oh, and they even included some biscuits and a small writing pad with the order, which was wrapped with their signature wrapping paper and logoed decal.

    Thanks again, Appelboom!

  8. Inglés


    The new version of the parker 51 is now available.
    Compared to its predecessor, the current pen has a few changes: the inking system is now cartridge/converter based, the cap is screwed on and the nib is no longer made of gold in the basic models. Another difference is that it is no longer possible to disassemble the pen to change parts. Apart from that, the pen looks like its predecessor and is very pleasant to use.

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