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The Lamy Z57 14kt Gold nib is suitable for all the Lamy fountain pens that has a stainless steel/gold nib (except for the 2000). The nib slides smooth on the feed of the fountain pen for easy replacement of the damaged nib.

Lamy is an independent family-owned enterprise which was established in 1930 by , former Parker employee, C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. The Lamy brand has existed since 1952 and proved its innovative prowess in the very first year with the completely novel Lamy 27 fountain pen series. And in 1966 the distinctive style of Lamy Design was born with the Lamy 2000.

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8 valoraciones en Lamy Z57 14kt Gold Nib

  1. Inglés

    Bernardo A Merizalde, MD

    If I had known these were available, I would have purchased one many years ago!! I have been using Lamy Safari for about thirty years, I have them in all colors and nib sizes. Several years ago I went to Pelikan Souveran M1000, and that is, of course, incomparable, but when I had to send my Pelikan EF nibs for repair, I wondered if there was a replacement nib, gold EF, for Lamy Safari, and,,,there it was. It is extraordinarily smooth, much more than the standard Lamy steel nib, which is phenomenal in itself, compared to many other brands!

  2. Inglés

    Thomas (propietario verificado)

    I ordered this nib for my matte all black Lamy Studio Lx partly for aesthetic reasons. I loved black coated standard Lamy EF nib that comes standard on that pen. However, the Z57 gold nib performs at a different level. It is a wet EF nib that seems to me to have a slight EF architects grind to it, similar to the Lamy 2000 except it is bigger and therefore has a little more flex when writing. Overall, It’s one of the best nibs I own. Lamy, keep it up. Thank you Appelboom.



  3. Inglés

    Wei Ke

    I did the unusual thing of installing this nib (EF size) on my Lamy Lx to replace the black steel nib that came with it in the first place. The Z57 writes so much wetter than the stock steel nib. The look is also amazing. The only issue I have with it, however, is that the nib writes fairly broad, not the usual one size bump to be expected of Lamy gold nibs – it actually feels like a Medium for being an EF. I like it very much though so I won’t be returning it for sure!

    Also the speed of response from Appelboom’s customer service is legendary! While this is not like Amazon’s instant gratification approach to shipping, the Z57 I wanted is only in stock at a great price at Appelboom. All good things are worth the wait!

  4. Inglés

    Ayushman Verma

    I purchased this from India, needless to say this nib looks superb! Moreover the speedy service and customer support was simple flawless.

  5. Inglés

    Trichinopoly Lakshmanan

    I purchased this nib about 18 months ago and really loved it but felt I could not afford it so returned it to Amazon. I was delighted to find it again on Appelboom and for a better price. I had to wait a while for it to be ordered, but it is well worth it and I’m delighted with the product. I also owned a z55 OB nib, but that was too wet – the z57 is just right for me and has a little less spring than the z55 which I also enjoy for this particular nib and the kinds of writing I like to do with it.

  6. Inglés

    Eduardo Monge (propietario verificado)

    Compré el plumín lamy 57 en oro con trazo en B, para instalarlo en mi Lamy Studio LX All Black. Estoy muy contento con el resultado: el color del plumín combina perfecto con la pluma, pero por sobre todo, escribe muy suave y con un trazo super húmedo, tal como me gusta.

  7. Inglés


    Got this gold and black Z57 nib in F for a swap on my black Dialog 3. Excellent choice, if I do say so myself. Pen looks great and the nib is smooth and writes well.
    Packaging and deliver first class.

  8. Inglés

    Yoshiki Takeuchi

    As many may do, I really wondered to replace my Al-star’s steel nib with this 14k, if it worth a try cosidering the price of the more expensve than pen itself. But it is worthy!

    I prefer juicy inkflow than scratchy feedback. Still, I would also prefer / was seeking thin line with compromisable ‘OK-ffdback’ nib, and this was it!

    I bought EF, whose flow was great and smooth (not as we say butterly though), with a feedback but a little bit of springy. This one may be the one to help you, to output your thought withont being in its way.

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