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    Con su original forma ovalada y tonos madera, los útiles de la línea e-motion encajan cómodamente en la mano. Su diseño combina extraordinaria comodidad en la escritura con sorprendente estética. Los materiales han sido cuidadosamente seleccionados: maderas de arce o peral colores marrón oscuro, marrón coñac o negro con acabados en metal mate o brillante.

    Faber-Castell busca ofrecer una experiencia placentera al escribir para el usuario combinando atractivos diseños y funcionalidad. Los innovadores artículos de escritura de Faber-Castell han sido creados con materiales de alta calidad, con el recurrente aspecto visual de la madera, una característica que simboliza la principal competencia mundial de Faber-Castell. Sus estilos van desde lo clásico hasta lo futurista, de sencillo a más ornamentado, asegurando así que haya un bolígrafo para todos los gustos. Creemos que estos elegantes productos resultan sobre todo perfectos para regalar. Gracias a los 250 años de experiencia de la marca, puede estar seguro de obtener la máxima calidad al adquirir un bolígrafo Faber-Castell.

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    6 valoraciones en Faber-Castell E-Motion Pure Black Fountain pen

    1. Inglés

      Adrien Abergel (propietario verificado)

      The pen is incredible value for money and Appelboom’s customer service has been great in providing updates on delivery etc. Overall great experience with this vendor and this product!

    2. Inglés

      oscar catarino (propietario verificado)

      Although the taste is personal, the pen is very well designed.

      It has the right weight for fluid and very smooth writing, without the need to force the writing. The finish is spectacular and the black nib color gives this pen an incredible personality.

      I consider it a premium pen.

      Easily pens with this quality are twice the price.

      I am very satisfied. Thank you Faber Castel and Appelboom.

    3. Inglés

      Hirofumi Baba (propietario verificado)

      I have both the black and silver versions of this fountain pen.
      Both are heavyweight fountain pens, but the silver one is heavier.
      I was attracted to this weight and massiveness.
      I write with the weight of the pen, my fingers just support it.

      If they ever release a new color, I’ll definitely be buying one!

    4. Inglés

      Andrew Reed (propietario verificado)

      This is a real sleeper of a pen. If I had seen it years ago it would have spared me many other purchases. Well built with a super r nib.

    5. Inglés

      Alejandro Duenas

      The Faber Castell steel nibs are fantastic, and the design is very good also, with a great mate finish. The grip is comfortable and not at all slippery. When you have it in your hand, you feel the good quality structure and materials. I bought an EF nib (I tend to write small), and the ink flow is great even though the line is thin, and there is not much feedback.

      When looking up for reviews for this pen one common point of concern was the pen’s weight.. It is relatively heavy, but I don’t think is excessively heavy or even uncomfortable for long writing sessions. I think a good comparison is to the Lamy 2000 stainless steel version.

      Overall, the Faber Castell E-Motion Pure Black is a fantastic pen!

    6. Inglés

      Daniel Duclos

      The Faber Castell e-motion is a heavy pen – the cap alone weights more than a Lamy Safari, but I knew I’d enjoy it since I bought it in person at the store, and got a chance to try it before buying. It is one of my favourite pens.

      It has a steel nib, but is an excellent nib, smooth and trustworthy. Or nibs, since I actually purchased an extra nib, so I have and used both the Fine and the Broad. The fine is good for writing, with a very thin line, and the broad I use for drawings, and it lays a thick wet line. I enjoy both.

      The pure black design I find very appealing, and to me was worth the extra price. It is a good looking pen. Despite the weight, I carry it every day with me.

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