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The Venvstas Magna is a cartridge converter fountain pen with a unique design, that has been refined to a point where nothing can be added nor subtracted, packing together stunning linear carbon fiber construction and a rare selection of titanium and gold nibs.

The latin word ‘venvstas’ (pronounced venustas) refers to the characteristic of Venus, the roman goddess of beauty. Venvstas is mentioned in Vitruvius’ treaty “De Architectura” as one of the three property a building should have. To achieve the harmony between the three principles of aesthetic, function and durability, is Venvstas mission.

Founded in 2019, Venvstas Italy is a new reality that aquired the initial work developed by Atelier Venvstas Paris to improve those stunning designs in a much larger facilty plenty with skilled artisans and advanced machinery.

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1 Bewertung für Venvstas Magna Carbon Cartridge Fountain pen

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    John Doyel

    I am satisfied with the pen. The design is extraordinary and unlike anything I have ever seen. The carbon Fiber is solid and warm to the touch. Once the pen begins writing, it lays down a wet, consistent line. The only issue is the 14K nib has a tendency to hard-start at times. Other than that, the Venvstas is a good pen and worth the expense. I would purchase it again.

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