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Available in a rich, sensual palette of sixcolours, Quink ink matches any occasion, style or mood. Choose between the noble ritual of bottle-filling, or the convenience and practicality of ink cartridges. Either way, you will truly make your mark.

Quink ink cartridges come with unique innovation: a small ink reserve that can be released on tap, just when you think you’re out of ink. It can make all the difference when you think you’re running low. The cartridges come in a box of 5 pieces and are available in several colors.

The name Quink comes from ‘’Quick and Ink’’and this emphasizes the smooth Parker drying of the ink on the paper. The ink is produced since 1931.

Parker is over a century leader in design and production of the best pens in the world. These pens are not only fine writing instruments, they never let you down. Moreover they give status to every generation. This has resulted that Parker pens have become a style icon.

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2 Bewertungen für Parker Quink Ink – Ink Cartridges (5 colors)

  1. Englisch

    Greg (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Parker ink cartridges make traveling with your Parker fountain pen very convenient. The ink is top quality and the cartridge holds a generous amount of ink. The cartridge also contains a reserve ink supply when your ink runs out. You also can refill the cartridge (using a syringe) with Parker bottled ink or with any ink.

  2. Englisch

    Karl Welz

    Quink ink Refill from a bottle is more economical and environmentally friendly but a cartridge when away from home, beats travelling with a bottle. Ink cartridge fits my Parker fountain pens well and ink flows well. Price is good at Appelbooms’.

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