KWZ (pronounced Ka Veh Zeh) Ink is a small company that produces handmade fountain pen inks and is based in Poland. It all started for Konrad Żurawski as a hobby in 2012 with producing iron-gall inks and now there are over 100 different inks available!

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KWZ Iron Gall Ink - Ink Bottles (21 colors)

The KWZ Iron Gall ink is waterproof and handmade in Poland. Iron Gall ink is made from iron salts an..

EUR €12.95 Ex Tax: EUR €10.70

KWZ Standard Ink - Ink Bottles (40 colors)

The KWZ standard inks are based only on dyes that are easily soluble in water. The result is that th..

EUR €9.95 Ex Tax: EUR €8.22