Ink Lab - Bookbinders Snake Ink - Ink Sample (8 colors)

Bookbinders Snake Ink - Ink Sample (8 colors)

Bookbinders Snake Ink is inspired in design by the wily snake oil salesmen of the early 1900’s, and in colour by the beautiful and dangerous snakes of the world. The 2ml ink samples are avaiable in 8 different colors in a plastic vial.

Bookbinders Blue Racer ink is inspired on the Blue Racer snake. The top of this snake is commonly a brilliant blue. As the name suggests, the blue racer is a very fast snake that can move at a speeds of almost 7 Km or 4.3 mph, and this helps them catch prey or avoid being preyed upon. The Blue Racer is very intolerant to human activity and for this reason they prefer to live in areas with fewer human habitations. Their range extends from Canada including Pelee Island to the north and Mexico, Guatemala and Belize in south. This species is also found throughout the US in the eastern regions of the Rocky Mountains in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington, and Iowa.

Bookbinders Ground Rattler grey ink is inspired by the Ground Rattler. The Ground Rattler is a small rattle snake usually seen in the summer sunning themselves or crossing the road later in the day. The tiny rattle makes a buzzing sound that can only be heard from a few feet. Since this species is unable to produce much venom, it is unlikely that it is able to deliver a fatal bite to a human adult. This species reportedly inhabits flatwoods, sandhills, mixed forests, floodplains and is also found near lakes and marshes Found in the Southern United States, from southern and eastern North Carolina south through Florida and west to eastern Texas and Oklahoma.

Bookbinders Red Spitting Cobra ink is inspired by the Red Spitting Cobra. Red spitting cobras are fast and alert snakes. When threatened, this cobra rears up and displays a typical cobra hood. It may also hiss loudly. If the intruder does not retreat, it may spray jets of venom to the face of the intruder. Venom in the eyes can cause burning pain and blindness. The red spitting cobra is mainly found in East Africa. It is also widespread in the dry country of eastern and northern Kenya. The adult Red Spitting Cobra is nocturnal.

Bookbinders Red-Belly Black ink is inspired by the black scales of the Australian Red-Bellied Black snake which is commonly referred to as a Red-Belly Black. The Red-Bellied Black snake is one of the iconic snakes that call Australia home. It is found along the east coast generally living in moist areas. It is a venomous snake that when threatened will lift itself into a striking position and hiss loudly, but typically avoids humans. If bitten by a Red-Bellied black snake seek immediate medical attention.

Bookbinders Blue Coral ink is inspired by the Malaysian Blue Coral Snake. The Blue Coral Snake is an elusive species of snake that is known for the bright blue stripe that runs along either side of its body. The Blue Coral Snake is both venomous and nocturnal. This snake is found in elevated areas of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia however is considered a rare species. The Blue Coral Snake prefers to flee rather than fight, but as there is currently no anti-venom available it is a dangerous creature to come across.

Bookbinders Eastern Brown ink is inspired by the Eastern Brown Snake, the deadliest snake in Australia. Its venom and hostile nature has led it to become the most known, and feared, snake in the country. The Eastern Brown Snake moves surprisingly quickly and can grow up to 2 metres long. Despite the creation of anti-venom, the Eastern Brown Snake continues to take lives and should be avoided at all costs.

Bookbinders Emerald Boa ink is inspired by the Emerald Tree Boa snake. Due to its bright green colouring the Emerald Boa is considered one of the most exuberant and beautiful snakes in the world Emerald Tree Boas live in the rainforests of northern South America and they spend their life amongst the branches of trees. They can grow as large as 2m.

Bookbinders Everglades Ratsnake ink is inspired by the stunning Everglades Ratsnake. It’s colourful Orange scales make this snake a popular pet. The snake was named for its presence in Florida’s Everglades National Park. The Eveglades Ratsnake is not dangerous but it certainly is beautiful. These snakes are often found up tree’s as they are an excellent climber. The Everglades Ratsnake is typically between 3-6ft long.

Ink ColorRed,Green,Blue,Black,Grey,Pink,Brown,Turquoise
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